Credit Card Processing & More!

Bankcard Connections offers the latest technology that makes credit card processing made to order for the merchant. We offer a variety of ways to process credit cards that best serves your business:

  • We offer the newest equipment at a low cost to merchants – no need to lease equipment
  • Process credit card transactions from your cell phone
  • Online processing with shopping cart offers secured transactions
  • PC Plug-in allows you to integrate your computer with face to face business as well as reoccuring billing
  • Multi-merchant terminals allow more than one merchant to process transactions
  • Wi fi and wireless terminals are also available for merchants who want to avoid plugging in

Our Contact Information

PO Box 131
Rockvale, CO 81244

Telephone: 719.406.0875
Email[email protected]

We're Locally Owned & Operated!

Established in 2010. We are locally owned and operated with over 10 years of experience in merchant services. Our goal is to provide merchants with leading-edge products and services so that they can increase their profits and also provide more efficient payment methods to their customers.